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                                        Child Protection Group 


The role of the Local Parish Representative is to promote awareness of the need for safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable adults in the parish. This is done with the  help and support of the Child Protection Committee, by promoting awareness of the Diocesan policy and ensuring that Church related activities are run in a manner which promotes the safety and well-being of the children/young people involved. The Local Representative is also responsible for ensuring that all who work with children/young people receive training on the Diocesan policy and, should the need arise, facilitating anyone in the parish in bringing an allegation or suspicion of child abuse to the authorities.


Following a recent audit of Child Protection guidelines the committee have been asked to help Parishes in other Dioceses in setting up their own Child Protection guidelines.  Based on feedback the Parish is regarded as the best organised Parish with regard to Child Protection, and also have the greatest number of children involved. This would not be possible without the great help and commitment that is received from the parents of children in activities.


The real job of the whole committee is to ensure that the many children involved in Parish activities are cared for by people trained in Diocesan Policy, who have been Garda vetted and who will respect, value and encourage the participation of young people in the Parish.

Local Parish Representative: Eileen O’Brien - 087 6675423 

Local Committee: Canon Tadhg Quinn, Eileen O'Brien, Gillian Uí Ghallchóir.



Saint John the Apostle 
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