To offer your support to the Parish of St. John the Apostle the following facilities are available during the current Covid 19 Pandemic 


At any time during the week attending Church Services or paying a visit for Personal Prayer or Adoration there are collection boxes to receive your donation in any format at the main doors of the Church. 


The traditional use of the Weekly/Monthly envelope also remains available. If you do not currently avail of this facility and wish to make your donation in this format, the Parish Office has full details and information. 


Parishioners may consider signing a Bank Direct Debit or Standing Order to assist in supporting the Church in this manner on a regular basis. Details on this option are available from the Parish Office. 


Ongoing support for the Parish Church is so important during these difficult times. Covid 19 Pandemic restrictions throughout the Country remain. Financial overheads and costs for the Parish also remain and your support to date has been wonderful. Your continued support remains important for the financial requirements on the Parish. 

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Saint John the Apostle 

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